Aesthetic Appeal

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Aesthetic Appeal
It seems like nowadays you can't turn on the TV without witnessing some sort of makeover. Whether someone is having plastic surgery or a house in need of remodeling, America is obsessed with esthetics. And why shouldn't we be? There is definitely nothing wrong with wanting to look better, feel better, and live better. With the emergence of shows such as "Extreme Makeover" and "The Swan," people are undergoing nose jobs, liposuction, tummy tucks etc. in an effort to improve their looks. A less invasive way that people improve on their looks is by improving their smiles. Recent studies have shown that nine out of 10 people think a smile is an important asset, and most people notice a smile first, before they notice a person's hair, eyes or figure Your smile states who you are and can improve your confidence, professional and business life, as well as your social life. Although 50 percent of people are not satisfied with their smile, most will not do anything about it.

The number one reason people do not visit the dentist to fix their smile is PAIN. But with new techniques and technology, improving your smile can be virtually pain free! Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished you could fix your stained. crooked or misaligned teeth without braces, or the pain and suffering shown on TV? Now you can, with a new type of veneer called Cerinate veneers.

Cerinate veneers are a new painless way to reshape your smile With Cerinate veneers, little or no tooth structure is removed, therefore eliminating the need for shots, drilling and pain! With the old traditional veneers, the dentist would have to take away healthy tooth structure, exposing the sensitive dentin layer. Therefore the patient would have to endure a shot and drilling, with the chance of post‑operative sensitivity With traditional veneers, a dentist would have to remove at least 0.8‑2mm of tooth structure m order to make room for the veneer. The reason for this is because the porcelain that the veneer is made of requires a certain thickness for strength and durability. The weaker the porcelain, the thicker it has to be made. But Cerinate veneers are constructed of patented porcelain so strong it can be made as thin as a contact lens, requiring little or no tooth reduction. In most cases, no tooth structure is removed or as little as 0.3‑0 5 mm. Cerinate veneers are non‑invasive and require only two or three simple visits. During the first visit, your dentist takes pictures of the patients smile and an impression of their teeth. These pictures and impressions are then sent to the Cerinate Design Studio, where highly trained lab technicians design a model of what the teeth will look like after the veneers are placed This allows the dentist and the patient to see a three‑diminsional mew of what can be achieved with little or no drilling. On the last visit the veneers are cemented in place and the patient walks away with a beautiful, healthy smile Cerinate veneers are a great way to improve your smile by providing: instant orthodontics for selective cases, closing spaces between teeth, revitalizing old crowns and can permanently whiten, shape and lengthen teeth. In addition, their patented porcelain is clinically proven to last 19+ years! For the dental phobic patient who is afraid of shots and drilling, these veneers are an excellent alternative to achieve the beautiful smite you always wanted. A trained dentist m Cerinate veneers can drastically change your smile, so you can stop walking around with a less than perfect smite, and start smiling with confidence!



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